We offer you the following services

  • Preform production from one unit to several thousands: quality and on-time delivery with the right material
  • Pre-series and industrialization: let us demonstrate that TFP/HV-TFP can tackle your industrial project
  • R&D Activity: broad expertise in technical textiles, composite, thermoplastic/thermoset materials and simulation for your benefit
  • Prototypes: reactivity and quality using our in-house CAD, milling, hot-press forming and skilled operators capacities

Any quantities from 1 to 10.000 and above
Any material and combination of materials;
       + dry (flax, glass, carbon, kevlar …) 
       + co-mingled thermoplastic (PP, PET, PA6, PEI, PC …) depending on availability

We realize the pre-series evaluation and production (machine programming, material testing, production optimization …)

We perform the R&D activity for both textile and process domains in order to assess the technico-economical feasibility of TFP/HV-TFP for your geometry/requirements
We can provide expertise on simulation/optimisation of your design/part using advanced CAD/FEM tools

Production of composite parts for proof of concept / prototypes activities
We have a 1.2×0.7×0.7m CNC machine (aluminium and steel) in order to produce your prototype moulds adapted to our hot press forming process

Illustrations of technology’s capabilities

Carbon fibre preform with specific orientations shown in colours
Co-mingled carbon fibre/thermoplastic fibre for a seat with integrated logo
fleche_préforme-avec-orientations.pngCarbon fibre preform demonstrating curvilinear deposition around hole as well as local orientations and ribs
boomrang_préforme-avec-orientations.png Curvilinear deposition along the shape as well as local ribs